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"I love you."

"I wish you loved me."

"Everyone can tell you love me, it’s obvious."

"I just wanna give you the love you never had, why won’t you let me?"

"I want to hold you like no one else has, love you like no one else has, and make you mine in ways no one else ever will."

"I would kiss every last one of your scars away if you would let me."

"I know your scared, but I promise I’ll protect you."

"I just want you to be mine, and me to be yours."

"Can I just hug you?"

"I’ve never met you, and this is totally crazy, but wow I really like you."

"So….you free tonight?"

"You know I’m totally free tonight if you wanna do something…"

"Can I keep you?"

"Kiss me before I go."

"If this is goodbye, I have to know what you would’ve done if I had confessed to you sooner…."

"You look really beautiful/handsome in that."

"Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven, I mean."

"Wow, I’ve never seen an angel before…"

”You’re the hottest person in this place.”

“I saw that. You just checked me out.”

"You’re cute, but I bet you’d be even cuter moaning my name and begging me for ‘it’."

"Aw, your so cute. How about I buy you a drink?"

"Can I get a picture with you? Cause when I tell my mom/dad about this, he’s/she’s gonna want proof that I saw an angel."

"Hey, can I get your number?"

“*wolf whistle*”

"I wanna fuck you."

"You look so cute in that skirt~."

"I love your outfit, but I think it would look better on my bedroom floor."

"I just want a chance to love you."

"I just really like, you?"

"I don’t know! Okay? I don’t know, I just…I just like you…"

"God, you look beautiful squirming like that."

"I wanna bite you, I wanna bruise you, and I wanna take you. Right here, right now."
“Oh darling, I’m going to break you.”

"I wanna bite you, I wanna scratch you, I wanna bruise you, I wanna make you scream for me."

"I just want you to be mine."

"Just let me have this, this moment where we’re still us, please?"

"If you don’t love me, can’t you pretend for just a minute? Just let me have this, just for now, please…"

"When you leave me tomorrow, and I’m alone in this bed, I’m gonna wonder if you let people see all those bruises and bitemarks on your skin. I’m gonna wonder if they all know your my good little boy/girl or if they think they can have you, and that your there’s for the taking."

"Be a good little boy/girl for your master."

"Be a good little boy/girl for your mistress."

"Don’t hold it in, don’t bite it back. I wanna hear your voice, or I’ll stop."

"Shhh, shhh. You don’t want them to hear you, do you?"

"Bad boy/girl, I told you to stay quite until I said otherwise."

"Aw, your so cute when your begging."

"Get on your hands and knees and beg me."

"I really wanna get you home and out of all those clothes."

"Strip. Now."

"Mm, I might just leave you tied up, get you all hot and excited, then not do anything at all."

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innocence lost: a black lady fanmix. listen

beast and the harlot: avenged sevenfold 
     symbolic woman sits on his throne, but hatred strips her and leaves her naked 

dance with the devil: breaking benjamin
     close your eyes, so many days go by. easy to find what’s wrong, harder to find what’s right

be prepared: jeremy irons
     meticulous planning, tenacity spanning, decades of denial is simply why i’ll be king undisputed, respect saluted, and seen for the wonder i am

the monster: eminem feat. rihanna
     i’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head, you’re tryin’ to save me stop holdin’ your breath

seven devils: florence + the machine
     see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down

kill of the night: gin wigmore
     the danger is i’m dangerous, and i might just tear you apart 

i will not bow: breaking benjamin
     i don’t wanna change the world, i just wanna leave it colder

been to hell: hollywood undead
     you better grab a hold cause now you know you’re falling apart, you thought these streets were paved in gold but they’re dirty and dark

unwell: matchbox 20 
     hold on, feeling like i’m headed for a break down, and i don’t know why 

falling inside the black: skillet
     falling in the black, slipping through the cracks, falling to the depths can i ever go back? dreaming of the way it used to be, can you hear me?

through glass: stone sour
     how much is real? so much to question an epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything with thought came from the heart it never did right from the start just listen to the noises (null and void instead of voices) before you tell yourself it’s just a different scene remember it’s just different from what you’ve seen

animal i have become: three days grace
     somebody get me through this nightmare, i can’t control myself. so what if you can see, the darkest side of me? no one will ever change this animal i have become, help me believe it’s not the real me. somebody help me tame this animal

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Same here but then I skipped some chapters and even checked wiki and then I’m like.Ok he is old enough so good.Its ok for me to like him find him cute and attractive.Otherwise it would of been awkward,yeah.

oh god same. yeah that’s how i learned otherwise too hasn’t exactly started it yet, i keep meaning to? but yeah lazy ass here 

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alibaba-saluja-magi replied to your post
Its because of the baby-like face until later in the anime/manga he still looks young then he actually is and hence the confusion about his age.

i figured as much. i always felt really awkward finding him attractive because yeah, but then i had to remind myself that it’s okay and it doesn’t make me into shota

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